Sommelier Sean Beck

Sean joined Backstreet Café as a waiter when he was still in college. Today he’s an award-winning sommelier overseeing wine and beverage operations at four of Houston’s best restaurants — Backstreet Café, Hugo’s, Trevisio, and Caracol. These fine dining venues offer diverse local and seasonal foods served with wines Sean curates from around the world, along with cocktails and beer. He is a passionate advocate of fine wines, an expert mixologist, and a connoisseur of Texas spirits and craft beers. From elegant margaritas to memorable wine dinners, Sean is a seasoned pro who knows his stuff. He lives in Houston with his wife and their daughter.


“One of my goals for 2016 is to share as much as I can about all the wonderful wines that cross my path. Some are on our various lists while others are just wines I think very highly of from personal and professional perspectives. I hope this is a service to the wine drinking public and to the many fantastic winemakers out there.” ∞

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