#32 – 2012 Dagueneau Blanc Fumé de Pouilly – Loire, France

Estimated retail: $75.00

A dare devil in life and a rebel in his industry, Didier Dagueneau is one of the truly immortal winemakers of the last one hundred years. While he was technically the fourth generation of his family to make wine, his path was anything but traditional. He left home to race motorcycles, and later dog sleds, as he experienced the adventures the world had to offer. When he did return in ‘82 he refused to join the family winery and instead started his own property in the Pouilly-Fumé.

His wine making was a far cry from what the Loire Valley had ever known. Instead, it was heavily influenced by legendary Burgundy producers Henri Jayer and Edmond Vatan. Like his racing career, Didier wanted to compete for greatness. His means to achieve this lied in incredibly intense farming practices. He dramatically lowered yields, worked his vineyards by hand and by horse, adopted biodynamic farming practices, and dedicated himself to terroir.

Didier left this world too early, losing his life in a 2008 ultralight plane crash. However, his approach, passion, and vision have lived on and reshaped the Loire. His oldest son, Louis-Benjamin, now runs the domaine and is proving to be every bit the man his father was when it comes to wine making. The Blanc is the entry to the portfolio and drinks like a tuning fork jammed into electrified limestone soil. It exudes scintillating citrus, bright yellow apple, floral, and of course minerality. It’s the punk rock of Sauvignon Blanc. ∞

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