#30 – 2014 Massican ‘Annia’ White – Napa, California

Estimated retail: $34

My daytimes at the restaurants are typically filled with a number of tastings. During lunch hours it’s not uncommon for me to try 30 to 40 wines (I do spit most of it out). Today’s lunch included a wine that has hijacked today’s planned post. Henderson Selections *True Artisanal Wine* owner Vincent Henderson dropped by with his usual mix of fascinating and very tiny production offerings. That bag included my first introduction to Massican Winery.

This 1,200 cases production boutique winery was started by winemaker Dan Petroski as a tribute to his time spent in Southern Italy. Prior to 2005, Dan was in the publishing game, but after quitting and moving to Italy he found his true calling making wine. Now he gets to relish in that inspiration with his exciting Massican wines and as the winemaker for legendary Napa Valley winery Larkmead Vineyards. Not many can wear two hats as successfully as Dan.

The Annia is his homage to Italy’s Friuli region. A California blend of Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla, and Friulano. The latter two grapes are indigenous to Northern Italy. It’s a texturally exciting wine that offers surprising weight and lush honeyed tones, despite being aged without oak. At first taste it shows a ton of acid, straw, citrus, and a slightly salt and herb rub trait. This fades to reveal the richness of heirloom apple, wild flower, and fresh fig. It’s a good bet for this wine to get even more complex with a little time in the decanter. A first rate choice for a little Mediterranean-style fish. ∞

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